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No other way to say it, the crew at Sea Shepherd and their marine debris (anti-plastic) campaign are just unreal. I'm so excited and proud to fly their flag in two weeks time when I head off to New Zealand for some training swims.

Help me to support them by donating to my everyday hero page, signing up for a local beach cleanup or even just by trying to reduce your own personal plastic purchase and use.
Thanks to the crew from Sea Shepherd Oz - can't wait to fly this on the boat in NZ!

Reducing Plastic - My Own Journey To Date

An insight into some of my favourites so far en route to reduced plastic in my life:

1) Shampoo / conditioner in a tin - HIGHLY RECOMMEND: Didn't think I would go for this but I absolutely LOVE IT! I've been using stuff from Lush, but there are now loads of different brands doing it with all kinds of funky flavours. No real excuses to still be buying large thick plastic bottles of shampoo my friends.

2) Bamboo toothbrush - RECOMMEND: Although they arrived (unfortunately) wrapped in plastic inside the cardboard box, they're still a better long term option than the ol' plastic toothbrush. Particularly good for travelling or popping in the work bag, when the electric toothbrush isn't practical.

3) Net bags (instead of single-use plastic shopping bags) - HIGHLY RECOMMEND - These are GREAT! We just bought some at Bondi primary school markets and leave them with our green bags for whenever we go shopping. They're great for fruit/vegies that need weighing, or for loose things like spinach and rocket. Sometimes we forget them though (doh!), but our little trick is to use the paper mushroom bags, instead of the plastic.

3.5) Combined with BeesWax wraps (also HIGHLY RECOMMEND) which you can buy or make yourself - we're now hardly using any single-use plastics or clings wraps for shopping or storing food. Awesome!

4) Mouthwash in a tablet - UNCONVINCED - I'm a listerine (in a big plastic bottle) junkie, so i've been trying out these new plastic-free Georganics Mouthwash Tablets. The main downside is you have to wait for the tab to dissolve in the water before use, which doesn't happen that quickly. Also doesn't quite give me the same 'Kapow!' as the ol' listerine (probably because there's no alcohol in them - i do enjoy my wee shot in the morning!). If anyone's got any tips on different brands or options, please let me know!

5) Bamboo earbuds - WAIT AND SEE - I'm sure you've all seen the photo of the small seahorse with its tail wrapped around a plastic cotton ear-bud? Well, i'm about to try these new Green + Kind Bamboo Cotton Buds that just arrived in the post . I'm a chronic cottonbud user so very excited about these ones. Will keep you posted!

6) Eco-friendly laundry detergent - I'M ON THE HUNT FOR RECOMMENDATIONS - I've read about how bad most laundry detergents that we use are on the micro-plastics front. Apparently there's some eco-friendly laundry strips out there that are better? If anyone's got any recommendations, please let me know as i'm keen to try something out on this front.

7) Sustainable Swimwear - RECOMMENDATIONS TOO PLEASE - There seems to be quite a few brands now making swimwear from recycling marine waste, but i've heard mixed reports about some. Some of it seems really innovative though, so please get in touch if you've used one that you'd recommend and i'll give it a go.

Overall, it's all a steep learning curve for Alex and I on all of the above, so if you've got any good tips on the above and/or anything beyond, please share! We can't quite now believe how much plastic is wound up in our every day lives (once we started paying a bit of attention) but I suppose if we just keep weaning ourselves off it, one product at a time, we'll be able to do our own wee bit for the ocean and help address this very human problem.

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