It's Time To Step Back Into The Arena

Updated: Nov 23, 2019

Straight into it - the simple truth is, I've become addicted to comfort. For awhile now, I’ve been happy out just ticking along through life - working, eating, drinking, doing up the house and getting up to whatever mischief was at hand - which is all ok for anyone to do for a bit…. but now, the time has come for me to step back into the arena and start working towards my next goal!

My Next Challenge

“I'm going to conquer a double-crossing of the North Channel. YES! … that means swimming from Ireland to Scotland, doing a wee tumble turn, and making my way back to Ireland!”

This swim has been deemed impossible for a solo swimmer and has only recently been conquered by a relay team with some of the world‘s top open water swimmers. This is mostly due to the complex tides and the extremely cold water. My slot is booked for September 2020 and I’ve started to train properly since the end of October. I’m on track to clock up some serious mileage and am MAD for this challenge!

It's No Secret - I Fell Out Of Love

As some of you maybe aware, I completed a solo north channel swim about 500 years ago (2014) and haven’t really swam since! Its no secret - I fell out of love with swimming and went to a bit of a dark place. While I’d completed this swim, was very happy with my time and loved the experience, this body of water has been taunting me ever since. Its very hard to explain, but I’ve always felt that mother nature had actually won on that day when I wasn’t granted the overall record. That’s the nature of open water swimming – it humbles you and puts you back in your box. It also, more often than not, leaves you wanting.

Confusing, no? If my last channel swim challenged me a wee bit mentally, why would I go back for more? I’m not sure I can fully answer that question, but I think the answer lies somewhere between ‘Its unfinished business’ and that I think I might just have the ingredients to successfully complete the solo two-way with the amazing team I have around me. Both here in Sydney with VLAD’s squad, and back in Ireland with Infinity Channel Swimming. Not to mention all my amazing friends and family!

An Opportunity To Stand Up For Something

“As an open water swimmer I also feel that I need to take more responsibility for the state of our oceans.”

I’m also going to be using my journey as an opportunity to stand up from something that’s really important to me – combating plastic pollution in our oceans.

As an open water swimmer, I feel that I need to take more responsibility for the state of our oceans. Like many of us, I get so much enjoyment from the sea and the incredible wildlife it sustains. Sadly, though, we now live in a world where more than a third of the world’s sea turtles are said to have plastic waste in their stomachs. Some research says that by 2050 our oceans could have more plastic in them than fish! HOLY SH*T!! This is so not cool.

So while this will primarily be a blog about swimming adventures, I‘ll also be sharing hot tips along the way about how I’m trying to reduce my own plastic use. I hope these insights will provide some useful/fun ideas that others can make use of too, so that together we can have some kind of impact on this terrible problem.

I’ll also be encouraging people to support the Australian Marine Conservation Society’s Ocean Plastic Pollution campaign either by donating or pledging to stop plastic pollution.

Stay In Touch!

I'll be updating this blog with all my adventures, training swim sagas, food intake (mmm….) and all the other ups and downs along the way, so feel free to sign up for updates and stay in touch with me as I tick along until next September.

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